Top 5 YouTube Tech Channels You Should Watch

Depends on the kind of tech videos you want to watch..

For amazing, never seen before tech devices and gadgets you can check out these guys.



1.Unbox Therapy : For awesome gadgets and their reviews.

2. randomfrankp : For PC room tours and best gadgets as well as their reviews.He also does best devices under a specific budget videos.Fun to watch.

For Android and I Phone reviews .

1.Marques Brownlee : For Android, Windows, I Phone and other smartphone reviews.One of the best smartphone reviewers out there.He even reviews Laptops sometimes.

For various high end PC builds, budget PC builds, laptops and computer reviews.


2.Austin Evans

You can also check out these guys who don’t necessarily make tech videos but related to them.

JerryRigEverything , he does not do tech videos but he does various durability test on smartphones. And also TechRax , its fun when he just destroys I Phones for the sake of destroying them by doing experiments on them.



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