How to earn from google by surveys 2019 !

Do you want to download and install paid apps from google playstore for free legally, or download books from playstore or listen to music you can do all with this trick.

We can earn a lot of money through this trick, here is how. The trick is Google Opinion Rewards, it is actually survey done by google, which pays you for sharing your opinion.

What will you have to do?

Answer questions. Get rewards.

Complete short surveys and earn Google Play credits, which you can use to buy apps, music, movies, games, and books in the Google Play Store.

How to get Started?

To get started just get the app, you can install it with this link Google Opinion Rewards.

After registration you need to fill some details like your age, gender, nationality etc.

Make use of your free time.

It will give a notification when a short survey is available. These surveys can include everything from opinion surveys to hotel and product reviews of your nearby location-based merchant satisfaction surveys, and all of them is from Google Surveys users.

It gives from $0.25 upto $1.00 on each surveys.


The app was only available for U.S., but now it got launched in other countries like spain, germany, India etc. But many countries are still not supported, so if you see some error like This app is not available in your country, then perhaps it still hasn’t reached your country.

Rewards Credits can not be used to buy books or magazines in Spain and Germany.

Users of France will receive credit through Paypal for answering surverys.

Extra Tips:

If you move to another country or make account of another country that is supported then it will show error saying Google Opinion Rewards not supported for your account. If you are in the supported country and still showing the error Google opinion rewards not supported then it is perhaps your vpn try turning it off.

It does not have refer and earn schemes

Consume the reward before uninstalling or changing phone because sometimes it doesn’t sync properly

Always be ready and do not miss surveys because the surveys expires after some days.

Don’t click anywhere to finish survey quickly because google puts question to rule out spam users.


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