High PR Free Directory Submission Sites List 2019

Here is the High PR Directory Submission Sites List –

Yes, this is the right place to find latest niche directory submission site list which has good trustable domain authority.

Now a day’s directory backlinks are no value if they are not in niche (Relevant industry and location specific). Niche directory and country based directory with high DA which has good value and do follow backlinks gives good trust to make happy google to count a quality backlink.

There are most of post that you can see, all of them having good number of list of directories but …

What will you get from this post?

Today, I am going to share with you list of high quality domain authority directory list 2017 based on every industry that will give do follow backlinks and they will help to get rank on google search engine result pages.

What Is Role For Directory Submission In Search Engine Optimization?

Directory site is a huge index of sites with several categories along with description which allowing webmaster to add the website url on the directory site database.

Once a time it was great value for SEO link building but now its gives value based on directory authority, niche and location-based.

How you can make more value when going to post your site on a directory site in 2017.

If you go to check a directory site, there is listed most of site used keyword based anchor text that was good in SEO but now a days google has become very smart to give value a natural way backlinks if no one follow or build more backlinks with exact match anchor text so the site can get penalty.


6 https://www.01webdirectory.com/ 19-Mar
7 http://www.pakranks.com/ 19-Mar
8 http://www.thedailysubmit.com/ 19-Mar
9 http://www.evolvingcritic.com/ 19-Mar
10 http://www.thehillel.org/ 19-Mar
11 http://wldirectory.com/ 19-Mar
12 https://viesearch.com/ 19-Mar
13 http://ntdirectory.com/ 19-Mar
14 https://www.directorystaff.com/ 19-Mar
15 https://www.worldwebwall.com/ 19-Mar
16 http://www.canopusdirectory.com/ 19-Mar
17 http://www.taurusdirectory.com/ 19-Mar
18 http://www.dracodirectory.com/ 19-Mar
19 http://stare-at.com/ 19-Mar
20 http://www.wlddirectory.com/ 19-Mar
21 https://worldweb-directory.com/ 19-Mar
22 http://www.tgp-internet.com/ 19-Mar
23 http://www.linkdir4u.com/ 19-Mar
24 http://www.yellowlinker.com/ 19-Mar
25 https://www.leadinglinkdirectory.com/ 19-Mar
26 https://www.weboworld.com/ 19-Mar
27 http://www.redlinker.com/ 19-Mar
28 http://www.urltrawler.com/ 19-Mar
29 http://www.onlinesociety.org/ 19-Mar
30 http://caida.eu/ 19-Mar


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