Google is teaching internet safety to the kids and too through funny games. With today’s era where we all are facing problems like phishing emails, fake scams or ransomware attacks, Google is in its way of #BeInternetAwesome where it is trying to make public awareness of these.

Google has introduced a new way for kids to learn how to be smart and confident explorers of the online world. By it kids can make smart decisions online.

Google has launched its simple adventurous game Interland, under the project Be Internet Awesome as a new way to encourage digital safety and citizenship. Google has partnered with the Internet Keep Safe Coalition and other educators across the country to create this. To practice being Internet Alert, kids can work together to identify whether websites and emails have signs of a phishing attempt. These lessons activities and worksheets align with the International Society for Technology in Education’s Standards for Students, which educators look toward to define skills for safe and positive action online.

It focuses on Share with care, Don’t fall for fake, Secure your secrets, It’s cool to be kind, When in doubt, talk it out.

In the game there are many levels, for example there is a ice berg island which you have to cross, but to cross you will be asked questions and you have to answer it correctly by choosing right option, then it allows you to go one step ahead on successful answer.

The game is awesome, it has many surprises.