Avengers End Game Leaked !!


Yes, unfortunately. It was an odd situation where I was still half asleep, and apparently convinced that this was fake. Then, about 3/4 of the way through, I shook awake, realized what I was watching, and turned it off immediately. It really pissed me off.

I wish I could remove it from my memory. I’m trying to forget it, so I won’t describe it. And anyone reading it, DO NOT watch it. There’s a reason this stuff wasn’t in the trailers.


Still you can leave it here…..

1.reaming avengers (who left by the snap) preparing for some kind of war…and hulk is turned into Professor Hulk (with spects and looks like banner but green) and there was Thor (long hair, older and with beer Bailey)

2. They (remaining avengers) are in mid of new York battle where they see past hulk.

3. Past Cap America fights with future Cap America.

4. Thor is fitting his hand into infinity gauntlet wielded by Ironman and he (hulk ) is not comfortable with that.

4. In next scene Ironman hugs Spiderman…a and Cap America see black panther coming back from a portal.

5. Cap marvel talk to Spiderman and he has that infinity gauntlet wielded by Ironman.

6. Cap America is fighting with thanos and fighting hard (excellent)

7. Old Thor is fighting with thanos .

8. Cap America is saying avengers assemble and all avengers (dead and live) seeing in that scene and Cap America is holding majority.


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