Android 11 First Look: 7 Most Exciting Features!

Android 11 is already here. Yes, Android 11 Developer Preview 1 has arrived and we installed it on our Pixel 4 to give you guys the first look and talk about the most exciting Android 11 features. These are not our Android 11 first impressions or review because we will reserve that for our stable release.

  • A new NFC file-sharing alternative
  • Improved dark mode
  • Extended chat ‘bubbles’
  • Better app permissions

Take an example of the latest Android 11 beta version. It is bundled with many additional safety features for users, enhancements for foldable devices, new APIs, speedier app startup, and other interesting stuff. Let’s go through what Android 11 beta release brings for the users.

One of the main issues on everyone’s lips when it comes to Android Q has been the name! I mean, what dessert can you think of that begins with Q! Will Android give up on its tradition or maybe diversify the language of its title? It remains to be seen…

That’s not the only debate Android Q has sparked, however. With many new features and a shift in focus towards privacy, we’ve been debating what the Android Q update means for your push notification strategy.

so android 11 is now is live on pixel4 and lots of the people who are still waiting for android 10. this is very sad news for google users. I believe Google is working on it.


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